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Do you have an Audit coming up???

How many points do you have left out of your 20???

Do your current kits comply with the new Australian standards???


ACI Group’s Solar Label Kits both Residential and Commercial all comply with the new standards AZ/NZS 5033:2014 that came into effect as of the 05/02/15.

Our kits are sold individually or in bulk with no minimum order quantity. Also available for sale are the individual labels. With a minimum order of 20, we make it super easy to update your older, out-dated kits by replacing or adding the required labels that are needed for those kits.

Red warning label turn white

Do your labels look like this?

This Label was supplied by one of our competitor’s labels and looks like this after just 20 months. This label was a RED Label with WHITE text.

ACI Groups Red Label

This is ACI Groups Red label after 3 years in the sun. All labels supplied by us are UV stable and are guaranteed NOT to look like this after 20 months in the sun.

Competitors Reflective PV Sticker

This Label (Left) is one of our competitor’s attempts at a reflective PV Sticker label.

ACI Group Reflective PV Sticker

This is our PV Sticker These stickers are LIFESAVERS. These stickers tell emergency services that the building that they are at has Solar Power installed.

Solar Array Fire

When a disaster strikes and emergency services are required, they rely on these labels to save not only their lives but their partner’s lives.

Ensure your labels comply with the standards and save lives, by contacting us today.

If you are unsure that your current supplier is supplying you with kits that are not up to date with the new standards, contact us and we can arrange to set you up for the new compliant kits. Don’t risk the loss of points. Get your compliant kits NOW!!