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Laser Materials

The precision of the laser engraving means that ACI Group can successfully engrave fine details on most materials with high resolution graphics. The best material to meet your requirements depends on environment it is to be used in (exterior or interior), type of environment (abrasive), durability etc. We can supply the material to be engraved or you can provide your own material for engraving. The following are a few of our most popular materials but other materials are available.


ACI Group recommends and uses Rowmarkrigid plastic in 2 ply or 3 ply (similar to Traffolyte).  The plastic comes in different colours with the top label colour precisely laser engraved to clearly reveal the bottom colour. White Label /Black text, Yellow Label / Black Text and Blue Label / White text are the most commonly used colours but there is a range of colours available including metal look. The accuracy of the laser means that logos etc are reproduced clearly. We custom laser cut the plastic to your required shape and size with heavy duty adhesive or holes if required.  This material is used for labels and signs mostly by the solar, electrical, engineering and water industries.

We can also engrave plastic items or products including light switches, buttons, electric toothbrushes and promotional items.

Stainless Steel

ACI Group recommends and uses 316#4 stainless steel which is marine grade and the hardiest as it has better corrosion resistant properties and resistant to pitting. 304#4 stainless steel is also available if required. The Stainless Steel comes in .5mm to 3mm gauge with 1.2mm being the most popular. We supply laser cut stainless steel labels / tags to your size and shape with rounded or inverted corners or hole/adhesive requirements or you can provide your own material. We also produce stainless steel plaques and signs.

We custom laser engrave or laser etch a series of data, logos or images with precise accuracy. This material is used mostly by the electrical, water, automotive, welding and mining industries.

TIP!  The laser beam engraves the steels and alters the molecular structure of the material causing changes in the colour which results in permanent marking with no need to paint fill unless colour is required.


ACI Group use DuraBlack a new form of anodised aluminium material which is resistant to heat, UV, salt-corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. DuraBlack outperforms the leading laser-markable acrylic and anodised aluminium labels without the added step of a protective overcoat. The laser engraves the top black layer to reveal the layer of white on the aluminium.  This material is used mostly by the aerospace, automotive, welding and mining industries.


ACI Group uses Engravers Brass which is for exterior or interior use. This material is not polished or lacquered therefore it is not suitable for oxidizing. It is available in 1.2mm or 2mm thickness. This material is used mostly by the electrical, water, automotive, welding and mining industries.


ACI Group can laser engrave on all types of wood – cherry, maple, mahogany, teak etc. The result of the engraving will vary depending on the type of wood used – e.g. while maple will give a lighter engraving result whereas engraving cherry wood provides a rich dark finish. We also laser cut and engrave MDF and plywood.




ACI Group can laser Leather; we have engraved everything from pouches to iPad covers.

TIP!  Leather is a natural product thus the end results of the engraving will vary between items due to the inconsistency of the material.


ACI Group can laser engrave Anodised Aluminium for either interior or exterior use. This material has a Satin finish not a mirror finish. There are variety of colours available depending on the area of use.

TIP!  We do not recommend engraving on straight Aluminium as it does not change the colour of the metal so doesn’t leave a distinctive mark – basically it is silver engraving on silver metal.


ACI Group can laser engrave on Glass – anything from quality glassware to glass tiles.

TIP!  From our experience we have found the higher quality glass achieve a better result when engraved.


ACI Group can laser engrave/etch on Granite, Stone, Bricks etc.

If the material you want engraved is not on this list it does not mean that we don’t engrave it. We do a lot of research and development to see what we can engrave and are happy to work with you.