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At ACI Group, we have the ability to permanently mark stainless steel, brass and anodised aluminium dog tags using laser engraving. Dog tags have several uses from industrial to military and personal use. The engraving process changes the molecular structure of the stainless steel and brass which changes the colour of the surface to black.

Anodised aluminium dog tags use a slightly different method. The dog tags have an anodised coating over the aluminium. When being engraved, the laser removes the anodised coating to reveal the surface of the aluminium below. This can be done with plain text for standard engraving or for images.

Dog tags are available in stainless steel in either .5 mm or 1.2mm, brass in 1.2mm and in anodised aluminium in 1.2mm with red, green, blue, violet, gold, turquoise or black anodising. Also available is standard dog tag chain with connectors. at custom cut lengths.

The ability to engrave dog tags opens up a large customer base with the dog tags being used in warehousing for product identification, to the engraving of QR codes for reference or contact information through to military and personal use and even pet identification.

Pet identification dog tags range from standard dog tags through to shaped dog tags for smaller animals for the use on collars with the engraving of the pets name and contact information of the owners.


AK – 47 Custom media stainless steel dog tag


Scarface custom media on stainless steel dog tag

Qr Code Engraving

Left to right – black anodised aluminium, red anodised aluminium, stainless steel, purple anodised aluminium, blue anodised aluminium