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ACI Group supplies both big and small stainless steel cable markers. Using our knowledge and equipment we are able to laser engrave up to 28 characters (1 line) on the small cable markers and up to 45 characters (3 lines) on the large cable markers.

Also available are several sizes of cable ties to suit these cable markers. These range from 150mm up to 300mm in length depending on the application.

Here at ACI Group, we also have the ability to supply a variety of different size white plastic printed and sleeved cable markers ranging from 10mm x 4mm up to 30mm x 4mm.

Along with the white plastic cable markers, we also have available high visual yellow slotted cable markers with black printed text. These cable markers are available in either 70mm x 10mm, 100mm x 10mm or 120mm x 10mm.

Using the latest in laser engraving and ink jet printing, we are able to supply Australia with the best quality stainless steel laser engraved cable markers and printed plastic sleeved and plastic slotted cable markers for all cable labelling needs and requirements.

All of our stainless steel cable markers are of 316#4 stainless steel ensuring the quality of the cable markers is maintained across all markets.

Our plastic cable markers are high quality imported Modernotecnica plastic from Europe. Our plastic cable markers meed the international standard according to UL-94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of plastic materials for parts.

Large Cable Marker